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Our Priorities

A school's power lies in its vision. A campaign is the tool for realizing that vision.


The campaign will increase endowment to ensure that we:

  • Attract the best possible work force in the national market to the Bay Area, currently the most expensive region in the U.S.

  • Hire excellent faculty and staff by offering salaries and benefits that correlate to the cost of living.

  • Develop a compensation system that rewards graduate study and professional development.

A Vibrant,

We consider socio-economic diversity a crucial component of excellence in our community made possible only when the most extraordinary girls have access to a Hamlin education, regardless of their family's ability to pay. This campaign will add new endowment to continue our program of access and affordability for families across the socio-economic spectrum.

Transformation &
Program Innovation

Our campus transformation will be the final component illustrating Hamlin's longstanding commitment to innovations in teaching and learning. The new space will be a platform for future innovation in the way our girls will learn for decades to come.

Every Day

Hamlin's reputation for excellence in education and program innovation is sustained by the consistent generosity of our community, and our strong culture of generous Annual Giving allows faculty to immediately provide new and enhanced opportunities for students. The generosity of our community, along with many years of 100 percent parent participation, sustains Hamlin's high standards of educational excellence in all forms.

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