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Our Campaign Committee

Head of School

Wanda M. Holland Greene

Campaign Co-Chairs

Jamie & Will Bartlett P'20, P'23

Brandi & David Morandi P'20

Lacey & Jay Traeger P'26, P'29


2019-2020 Campaign Committee

Ted Bartlett P'19, P'21

Tina Bou-Saba P'26

Sam Bradley P'18*

Shannon Cadile ‘89

Kate Harbin Clammer P'26

Bobby Devens P'18, P'21

James Dorsch P'26

Serena Fairchild P'21

Heidi Wurtele Fisher P'16*

Richard Fullerton P'20, P'22

Courtney Giraudo P'21, P'25

Alison & Jim Haljun P'24, P'26
Jackie Grimm Kilian ‘83, P'26

Kelsey Lamond P'27

Anna Morfit P'22

Ryan Morgan P'25, P'27

Anne-Marie Peterson P'23
Mimi Rowe P'20

Sean Schickedanz P'21, P'27

Lisa Sugar P'20, P'24, P'27

Nick Werner P'23, P'25

Advancement Team

Lauren Thornhill, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement

Darian Rosengard, Advancement Manager for Annual and Capital Campaigns

We gratefully acknowledge former members of the committee:

Kate Sheridan Chung P'19
Alison Engel P'23, P'25

Meghan Harris P'23

Thayer Hoe P'19, P'21

Mike House P'14, P'16, P'18

Anne Pedrero P'16, Former Chair of the Board of Trustees, 2013-2016

Katie Rothschild P'22

Nina Stanford P'18, P'20
Steve Walske P'18


*Former Campaign Co-Chairs

If you would like to get involved with the campaign committee, please email Lauren Thornhill at

Buildings & Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees

Brooks Walker P'18, P'21, Chair

Monica Brown Andrews '84
Mick Bobroff P'18
Shelby Bonnie P'18
Robert Devens P'18, P'21
Jane Gaito P'18, P'20
Scott Gilbertson P'23
Richard Linder P'25

Susan Lowenberg '74
Boris Putanec P'22
Phillip Raiser P'26

Joel Roos
Sanjay Shamdasani P'21
Scott Sypult P'19
Derek Thompson P'16, P'19

Lacey Traeger P'26, P'29
Abby Turin P'19

Molly Wadhwani P'18, P'21

Phoebe White P'25