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More than 60 years after its initial construction, Hamlin reopened our Lower School McKinne Building on Vallejo Street in March 2022. The building is part of our newly transformed campus, which features a two-story, regulation size gym, the Wanda M. Holland Greene Center for the Performing Arts, an outdoor green space and teaching terrace, and so much more. To those who have already given, thank you! To those who have been waiting for the right moment to get involved, now is the time to be a part of Hamlin herstory!


When you make a gift or multi-year pledge to support our Love, Hamlin campaign, you are helping to make possible a purpose-built learning space for generations of Hamlin girls to come…just as the vision of Sarah Dix Hamlin and the generosity of past supporters have made possible the educational excellence that Hamlin is known for today. In addition to the transformation of our campus, gifts to the campaign support Hamlin’s endowment, which allows us to attract and develop a remarkable faculty and staff and vibrant community through a robust financial assistance program and competitive salaries. All donors will be recognized in perpetuity on our donor wall on McKinne Floor 0.


Hamlin Donor Wall 3.png

Thank You to Our Campaign Donors

Anna Renne Aganon ‘76

Vinkey and Andrew Allen

Colleen and John Amster

Monica Brown Andrews ‘84

Anonymous (12)

Lisa Lau Aquino '81 and John Aquino

Eliza Armstrong, Lisa Carnoy, and

           Dolly Chugh

Raj Atluru and Melissa Buckley

Jane Augustine ‘48

Sloan and Roger Barnett

Bob and Stacey Basso

Ted Bartlett and Donna Hoghooghi

Jamie and Will Bartlett

Alex and Jennifer Belenson

William and Allison Bennington

Kristin Resnansky and Scott Berg

The Bertero Family

Allison and Aneel Bhusri

The Blecharczyk Family

Celeste and Mick Bobroff

Mary Lee Bocwinski

Carol and Shelby Bonnie

Connolly Bottum ‘09

The Bou-Saba Family

Sapna and Brandon Boze

Natasha and Sam Bradley

Ginger and Daniel Braun

Caroline Hayward Brinckerhoff ‘97 and

     Robin Brinckerhofff

Susie Tompkins Buell Fund

Estate of Suzanne TeRoller Busch '45

Shannon Cadile ‘89 and

          Stephan Waldstrom

Charlie and Paola Casey

Heidi W. Castelein

Ariana Radianto and Edmond Chan

Kristin and Rishi Chandna

Susan Lee Char and Danton Char

Joanne Pons and Paul Chen

Katharine and David Chung

May Truong, Cecilia Chung, and

          Teresa Chung

Celeste Chung and Jeffrey Yasuda

Adam Clammer and Kate Harbin Clammer

Class of  ‘24 2020 Student Ventures

Class of ‘24 Lemonade Stand

Kristina and George Conner

Jean-Pierre L. Conte

Lurline Roth Coonan ‘38  †

Roongtip and Jesse Courtier

Sonia Yiu Crume '76

Lisa Anderson and Ian Curry

Maggie Danielson and Jason Scott

Jane and Tyler Dann

Pamela Monasch David

Elizabeth McVey Dawson  †

Hal Dawson, Mary McVey, and

          Charlotte Bamford ‘26

Rebecca and William Dearie

Ann and Bobby Devens

Nancy and Joseph DiSabato 

The Dolby Family

Laryn and Andres Dorronsoro

Eileen Rodriguez and James Dorsch

Daisy and Jeremy Downs

Amy Candido '86 and Evan Driedger

Tenah and Chad Dyer

Josselyn and Matthew Eccleston

Melissa Morales and Jonas Edgeworth

Delia Fleishhacker Ehrlich ’48  †

Jessica and Michael Eisler

Mollie Eisler ‘05

Alison and Martin Engel

The Euretig Family

Jessica and Matthew Farron

Christine and Nima Farzan

John Fernandes 

Tomoko and Donald Fortune

Millie Pozzo Froeb and Charles Froeb

Richard Fullerton

Loraine Woollomes Fulmer ‘52

Jane and Michael Gaito

Jonathan Gans and Abigail Turin

Betty Ann Miller '61 † and Rick Gardner 

Kimberly and Jonathan Garfinkel

Meg Garlinghouse

Ming-Fawn Chow and Ryan Gately

Bianca and Jackson Gates

Marie-Claire and Joseph Gelbard

Nikki and Daniel George

Rika and Byron Gill

Courtney and Bryan Giraudo

Shawna and Anand Gohel

Jennifer Goldman '03

Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund

Carrie and Jamie Goodyear

Cat Goulet and Pamela Hofsass

Adrineh and Ara Sarkis Gouloomian

Jessica Zimmerman Graf '87 and

          Jonathan Graf

Craig and Marina Greenwood

Christopher and Brooke Green

Natasha Kohne and Lawrence Groo

Stefanie and Christopher Gross

Susan Davenport and Michael Grosse

Emine ErSelcuk and Dante Guazzo

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Guggenheim

The Haljun Family

Kimberly and John Harding

Amanda Michael and Michael Harrington

Julia and Kevin Hartz

The Hassan Family

Margaret and William Hearst

Marie Hecksher/ After 3

Melinda and Jim Henderson

The Herbst Foundation

Yun Jeong Kim and Ross Hiatt

Hilary Dunham Hill '66

Sharon and Dale Hilpert

Thayer and Martin Hoe

The Holt Family

Kristen and Mike House

Pamela Howard ‘70

Simona and Scott Irwin

Christina and Lincoln Isetta

Oliva Jacob ‘15

Hope Jarvis ‘85 

Jane Fang and Devon Johnson

Corrina Jones

Julianne Jones

Meredith Menzel Jones '04

Christina Flood Kane ‘85 and Lawrence Kane

Megan and Peter Karlen

Tonia and Adam Karr

Nanci and Scott Kauffman

Jim and Kristen Kelly

Hannah Kellogg

Megan and Matt Ketchum

Jackie Grimm Kilian ‘83 and Thomas Kilian

Brad and Erin Kinnish

Judy and Dan Kleinman

Beth and Jeff Klugman

Julia Baron Kniesche ‘98 and Mark Kniesche

Kate Webster Kocks and Pete Kocks

Sarika and Sri Kosaraju

Nalini Panchita Kotamraju

Lauren and Andrew Kowal

Donna Goodheart Krupp ‘38 

Ann M. Kung

Viviane Lam and Hank La

Doug and Emily Lambert

Christine and Pierre Lamond

Kelsey and David Lamond

Sarah Lau '98

The Lazard/Seidenberg Family

Gladys Wei Lee

Jennifer Wendell Lentz '99

The Levchin Family

Courtney Levine ‘88

Jennifer and Richard Linder

Jennifer Lindh and Randolph Peterson

Leslie Haddock and Kevin Linker

Amelie Lipman ‘00

Elyse Lipman '01

Marie and Barry Lipman

Erin and John Lowenberg

Susan Lowenberg ‘74 and Joyce Newstat

The Lukens Family

Holland Goss Lynch '83 and Kevin Lynch

Kimberly Mahood and Peter Lyu

Kathleen Kang Mahdavi

Claire Madsen ‘16

Elena Reilly Madsen ‘85 and Todd Madsen

Elsa Madsen ‘19

Diksha and Divesh Makan

Evelyn Armstrong and Will Marks

Drs. Carole McCallum and Leslie McCallum, Jr.

Courtney and Fed McCrea

Karen and Roy McDonald

Leslie Yan Meier '92 and Mike Meier

Kana Muraki and Lawrence Miao

Jeff and Mary Miller

Tina Kwak and Felix Millhouse

Susan Wentz Milliron '66

Eugenia Ann Moffat ‘66

Sandra and David Monasch, III

Adrienne Moon H'21

Brandi and David Morandi

Isabelle Moses '92

Blue and Bhushan Mudbhary

Lauren Nemeth ‘97

Jung and Will O’Donnell

Laura Rubenstein '97 and Erik Olson

Sarah and Reynolds Ospina

Alisha Carlile and Justin Osofsky

Krutika and Rajiv Patel

Alyssa V. Pavlotsky

Lisa and Travis Pearson

Anne and Robert Pedrero

The Peterson Family

Anne-Marie and Wylie Peterson

Joy Johnson Phoenix ‘64 and James Phoenix /

Fenwick Foundation

Linnie Larson Pickering '66 and Fred Pickering

Joseph and Megan Porter

Amy and Garrett Price

Jane and Nick Prior

Courtney Klinge and Eric Prosnitz/

          Sports Basement

Jessica and Kapil Pundir

Jeana Toney and Boris Putanec

Erica and Dana Rabb

Helen Hilton Raiser

Victoria and Philip Raiser

Brooke Adams Read ‘91 and Zach Read

Debbie Geller Reynolds ‘80 and

          Roger Reynolds

Jana Messerschmidt and David Richter

Katie and David Riester

Erin and Kevin Roberts

Rebecca Saroyan ’82 and Elliott Robbins

John and Venetta Rohal

Leesa Miao Romo ‘81 and Martin Romo

Tracie and Alexander Rosen

Darian Rosengard

Lindsay and Todd Rosoff

Katherine and James Rothschild

Dr. Krista Ramonas and Gordon Rubenstein

Shipley and Anthony Salewski

Tiffany Scharschmidt '94 and

          Emerson Whitley

Kelsey, Jamie, Hazel '24, Lilian '27, and   

          Marion '31 Schroeder

Nicole and Luke Schroeder

Marissa Seto ‘05

Sobia and Nadir Shaikh

Aarifa and Riyad Shahjahan

Mahika and Sanjay Shamdasani

Rachel and Ty Shay

Emily and Brett Sheridan

Maja and Adam Smith

Joel Sosnick

Kate Larsen '97 and Michael Souders

Jessica and Eric Spaly

Heidi Zak and Dave Spector

Aditi Sreenivasan and Praful Krishna

Chase Stanford ‘18

Nina and Scott Stanford

Jenny and Will Stegall

Stacey Lee and Chad Stegeman

Lynn and Steven Stewart

Lisa and Brian Sugar

Chloe and Mark Sugarman

Kristin and Tom Sverchek

Ann Akichika and Ali Tabibian

Chandler Tang '05

Cynthia and Doug Tapley

Gwyndolen and William Thiessen

Derek and Amy Thompson

Karen and Al Thompson

Lauren and Chase Thornhill

Sue Joseph Tichava '66

Carey Timbrell  †

Leslie and Raymond Tonsing

Lacey and Jay Traeger

Laura and Arthur Tropp

Jessica Vapnek '77

Christine and Solomon Varon

Katie Vestal '11

Susan and David Viniar

Jane and Bernard von Bothmer

The Wadhwani Family

Catherine and Wister Walcott

Hunter Walk and Caroline Barlerin

The Walker Family

Steven and Jennifer Walske

Ashley and Edward Waltemath

Walter Koak Hing Ching Memorial Fund

Rachel Ward

Kasey Byrnes Wayne ‘88 and Evan Wayne

Margaret Wehner '06

Peter and Lynn Wendell

Margit Wennmachers

Milo and Nicholas Werner

Aimee and Steve West

Phoebe White and Burke Norton

Pamela Widrin '72

Wilbur May Foundation

Mary Elizabeth Wildberger

Elinor D. Gawel and Stephen Wildberger

The Flannery-Wiley Family

Blair Williams '99

Carey and Norah Wintroub

Jo-Lee and Jeff Wishner

Joy and Andrew Woeber

Kimberly Wong '96

Christine Willand and Richard Wood

Linda Snoddy Woods ‘66

Clair Wolff ‘96

Diana Wright '66

Tiffany Yick-Whitney '84 and

          Frederick Whitney

Jenny and Christopher Yip

Wil and Candace Chin Yu ‘96

Melinda Van der Reis Yurich '83 and

          Richard Yurich

Janet Hunter and David Zenoff

Andrea and Mark Zola

Thank You to Our Campaign Committee

Campaign Co-Chairs

Jamie & Will Bartlett P'20, P'23

Brandi & David Morandi P'20

Lacey & Jay Traeger P'26, P'29


Campaign Committee

We gratefully acknowledge former members of the committee:


*Former Campaign Co-Chairs

Tina Bou-Saba P'26

Sam Bradley P'18*

Shannon Cadile ‘89

Kate Harbin Clammer P'26

James Dorsch P'26

Heidi Wurtele Castelein P'16*

Richard Fullerton P'20, P'22

Courtney Giraudo P'21, P'25

Alison & Jim Haljun P'24, P'26

Jackie Grimm Kilian ‘83, P'26

Kelsey Lamond P'27, P'28

Anna Morfit P'22

Ryan Morgan P'25, P'27

Anne-Marie Peterson P'23

Lisa Sugar P'20, P'24, P'27

Nick Werner P'23, P'25

Wanda M. Holland Greene, Head of School

Lauren Thornhill P'27, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement

Darian Rosengard, Advancement Manager for Alumni & Philanthropy

Ted Bartlett P'19, P'21

Kate Sheridan Chung P'19

Bobby Devens P'18, P'21

Alison Engel P'23, P'25

Serena Fairchild P'21

Meghan Harris P'23

Thayer Hoe P'19, P'21

Mike House P'14, P'16, P'18

Anne Pedrero P'16, Former Chair of the Board of Trustees

Katie Rothschild P'22

Mimi Rowe P'20

Sean Schickedanz P'21

Nina Stanford P'18, P'20

Steve Walske P'18, Former Chair of the Board of Trustees

Thank You to the Buildings & Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees

Brooks Walker P'18, P'21, Chair

Monica Brown Andrews '84
Mick Bobroff P'18
Shelby Bonnie P'18
Robert Devens P'18, P'21
Jane Gaito P'18, P'20
Scott Gilbertson P'23, P'28
Richard Linder P'25, P'28, P'31

Susan Lowenberg '74
Boris Putanec P'22

Phillip Raiser P'26

Joel Roos
Sanjay Shamdasani P'21
Scott Sypult P'19
Derek Thompson P'16, P'19

Lacey Traeger P'26, P'29
Abby Turin P'19

Molly Wadhwani P'18, P'21

Phoebe White P'25

Thank You
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