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Our Vision

Our Campaign Committee

Few times come along in a school’s history when the right elements align to make a real leap in what’s possible. We know this is such a time, and we are excited to embark on the most ambitious campaign in Hamlin’s history. The Hamlin School was founded with the lofty mission to educate girls to meet the challenges of their time, and today, more than 150 years later, we are energized by this same mission. In many ways, Hamlin has never been stronger – we have bright, inquisitive students, strong and caring faculty and staff, and an energetic and passionate community of parents, grandparents, alumnae, and friends. We now have the opportunity to cement the synergy between our program, our campus, and our community in an innovative and comprehensive way.

We have audacious goals for this campaign, and I am heartened and inspired by the support we have already received from so many members of our community – parents, alumnae, and friends of Hamlin have all made gifts in a tremendous show of support for the work we are doing each and every day. I am honored to be Hamlin’s Head of School at such an exciting time in our School’s history, and I am excited for what is to come for Hamlin.

We hope that this effort inspires you to deepen your connection to Hamlin and to engage with us in new and direct ways. Your support and enthusiasm are needed now more than ever! As you explore this microsite and learn more about our capital campaign, I hope that this vision for Hamlin will make you proud – proud of our school, proud to be a member of this dynamic and bold community, and proud of what we have already accomplished. Let us seize the present moment to elevate our beloved school to a position of greater strength and impact. Our future will be determined by what we do today.


We are deeply honored and beyond thrilled to be co-chairs of the Hamlin Capital Campaign. The love and support many of you have already shown for this campaign’s bold vision and the amazing work performed by former campaign chair Heidi Wurtele Fisher, have provided us with a strong foundation on which to build broader support for our school’s future and to see that this crucial endeavor comes to fruition.  With the knowledge that our daughters, Ella ’20, Tatum ’23,  and Ava ’20, have all benefited from the extraordinary generosity and vision of previous Hamlin families, we look forward to the opportunity to invite you all to be a part of this legacy of support for future generations of students at Hamlin.


Hamlin has never wavered from its mission to educate girls to meet the challenges of their time, and we are committed to ensure that the school will continue to nourish its students’ intellectual, physical and emotional learning. With your help, our daughters, and future Hamlin students, will continue to make a positive and meaningful impact on our world.  We look forward to meeting with each and every one of you to share our passion for this campaign and the countless opportunities it will provide to our community.


This capital campaign will mark a truly transformative time in Hamlin’s storied history.  We are so excited to work with you to help us all leave a meaningful and lasting legacy for the future of girls’ education at Hamlin.


Jamie & Will Bartlett

Brandi & David Morandi

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