Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hamlin raising money for?

Hamlin’s vision calls for a once in a lifetime physical transformation of our Lower School building, the addition of an outdoor teaching terrace, the unification of our three-building campus, and endowment support for our extraordinary faculty and increased access to ensure that the best and brightest girls are able to join the Hamlin community. This is the campaign that will make the key difference to Hamlin girls for generations to come.


How will the campaign enhance teaching and learning at Hamlin?

Every day, Hamlin girls participate in learning in a way that allows them to constantly make connections between and among a variety of disciplines. This interdisciplinary approach has become a hallmark of the Hamlin educational experience, and we are excited to allow our program to drive the spaces in which our girls learn. At Hamlin, teaching is active and dynamic, and the space will reflect that philosophy. This campaign provides an opportunity to harness our community’s collective energies and resources to build Hamlin girls the innovative and unified campus for which they are ready, and have been for years.


How much has been raised to date?

We have currently raised nearly $60 million, and we continue to seek leadership gifts and broad participation from our community to raise the total funds needed to achieve our full vision for Hamlin's future in a single phase. In fact, we already have much to celebrate. Thanks to the generosity of the Hamlin community, we have funded our endowment to increase salaries of our faculty to affirm the transformational work they do. This critical adjustment brought the salaries of Hamlin faculty among the upper quartile of our peer schools and enables Hamlin to remain competitive in hiring and retaining top faculty from around the country.


I hear that Hamlin will need to move for a year. When will this happen? How will it affect my daughter?

We will break ground on our building project immediately after the 2019-2020 school year is complete and embark on Hamlin’s Adventure Year! Instruction for Middle School students will continue in Stanwood Hall through the 2020-21 school year, a plan that has been evaluated in detail by our engineers and deemed structurally and environmentally safe for our students and educators. We will partner with other schools and organizations in our neighborhood to ensure students continue to have access to spaces for physical education, music, and athletics.

Our Lower School will relocate to the Presidio of San Francisco, where students will experience a joyful, robust, and nurturing year of learning alongside the magnificent animals, greenery, museums, art, history, and culture of the Presidio. We look forward to a productive year as we welcome nature’s complement to our beautiful cityscape, and are actively making plans to ensure that all of our beloved Hamlin traditions continue in some form during the Adventure Year.



My daughter won't benefit from the building project. Should I still give?

While we haven't yet broken ground on the building project, we have much to celebrate with funds that have already been raised and put to use in our endowment and to improve support for Hamlin's extraordinary educators.


More broadly, today's Hamlin girls are the beneficiaries of the generosity of generations of families before them who gave to earlier campaigns. Our current capital campaign presents an exciting opportunity to "pay it forward" to future Hamlin girls in an extraordinary way. We have benefited from prior Hamlin campaigns, and it’s our great privilege to leave a legacy for future Hamlin families with this one.


Between the campaign, the Annual Fund, and events, there is a lot of fundraising happening! How do I know where I should direct my giving?

We are at a pivotal moment in our school’s history, as we come within reach of realizing our audacious vision for an increased endowment and a transformed campus. Our Love, Hamlin campaign will take us all to succeed, and this year we will be inviting our entire community to be part of this historic collective effort.

With great vision comes extraordinary commitment and courage, and we understand and recognize that the journey over the next two years is going to be an adventure in so many ways. As we work to secure the resources necessary to make our shared vision a reality, it is important to maintain your giving to the Annual Fund even in the midst of our capital campaign. When the time comes, please consider gifts to the Love, Hamlin campaign as special contributions while committing to your current level of annual support for our school and supporting school events at a level that is meaningful to your family.


How can I learn about naming opportunities?

Hamlin has always celebrated the accomplishments of women and the generosity of our community. As such, we invite those who give at or above a certain threshold the opportunity to name spaces in honor of influential women in history and their families. For specific information about naming opportunities related to the project, contact Lauren Thornhill (


This is exciting! I’d like to get involved.

Thank you! Please contact Lauren Thornhill (, and she will share ways to be a part of this important effort.

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