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Naming Opportunities

In accordance with Hamlin’s value of inclusion, families who give $500,000 or more to name a Physical Space on campus will be encouraged to choose the name of an Influential Woman in History after whom the space will be named. If desired, the family name may come after the name of the Influential Woman of choice (i.e. The Maya Angelou Room, a gift of the Stanwood Family). Donor’s choice of Influential Woman is subject to approval by the Head of School, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement, and the Standing Committee on Program Excellence (SCOPE).


Families who give exceptional gifts of $2,500,000 or more may choose for a space to bear their family name after their child graduates from Hamlin (i.e. The Stanwood Family Center for Athletics and Physical Education).


Center for Athletics and Physical Education - $5,000,000

The philosophy of Hamlin’s athletics program is to provide an inclusive and robust program that focuses on integrity and hard work. The program is designed to develop leadership skills, teamwork, and community.  The new and improved Center for Athletics and Physical Education will allow for transformational experiences for both students and the community. 


At Hamlin, we believe in inclusion, which means there is a place for every type of athlete. With this new space, Hamlin athletes will be able to compete at home in a regulation-sized gymnasium, enabling families and spectators the ability to easily immerse themselves in the game.

Outdoor Teaching Terrace and Science Corridor - $5,000,000

In Hamlin’s transformed campus, the Lower School Science Classroom moves to its new location adjacent to the Middle School Science Labs in our new Science Corridor. Elegantly joining the three K-8 science classrooms to the Rooftop Ball Court is a brand new Outdoor Teaching Terrace. Positioned at the heart of campus, the Outdoor Teaching Terrace and Science Corridor becomes a natural extension of the classrooms and brings the opportunity to expand the program and take advantage of the natural environment. Featuring a built-in amphitheater-style gathering space and a plantable wall, teachers will be able to host outdoor classes for any subject, not just science. The Teaching Terrace will give Hamlin girls more room to work and play outside - an essential aspect of Hamlin’s vision.

Lower School Lounge - $2,500,000

The Lower School Lounge has been one of the most heavily-used spaces in McKinne, and will continue to be a gathering space when the new Lower School reopens. In addition, the lounge will be outfitted with gallery lighting and will continue to serve as our Lower School art gallery – showcasing the incredible work done by the Lower School students. All Hamlin girls, their parents, and visitors to Hamlin will enter and walk through the new Lounge when they enter campus via Vallejo Street.


Rooftop Ball Court - $2,500,000

As it is one of the most well-loved spaces and highly utilized spaces for physical education and athletics, Hamlin’s Rooftop Ball Court will be located atop the newly-transformed Lower School building. Hamlin girls enjoy this outdoor space during PE, recess, and even for various Hamlin Lions team sports practice and the occasional league game. In its new life, the Rooftop Ball Court will be outfitted to accommodate large events and tenting for shade and inclement weather. It was – and will continue to be – one of the most highly-used and fondly-regarded spaces on campus with stunning views of the bay and adjacent to the new outdoor teaching terrace.

Dining Room - $1,000,000

As a main hub on campus, all students and staff will come together in one single large dining room. This heavily-used space will continue to be used regularly by Hamlin girls, faculty, and staf. Hamlin believes that food is more than just sustenance. In this multi-use area, Hamlin girls can connect with their peers and learn about healthy ways to nourish their bodies. The updated dining room will allow for the community to eat together rather than split, and will encourage students to be learners in the lunchroom.  Beyond lunchtime, the Dining Room will be used as a community gathering space for meetings and events such as Parents Association meetings, committee work, and community and PLAID celebrations.


Rock Climbing Classroom - $1,000,000

In 1997, Hamlin was one of the first schools in the United States to bring outdoor climbing to K-8 students, and it remains a source of pride today. Hamlin has been teaching climbing for over ten years, emphasizing trust and the philosophy of “challenge by choice.”


In the new McKinne building, Hamlin’s rock-climbing wall will take center stage and the internal staircase will run parallel to the climbing space so that as Hamlin gifts move up and down the stairs, they will always have a view of their schoolmates’ experience belaying and scaling the 30-foot wall. Moving the climbing wall indoors allows for climbing to continue rain or shine and for all visitors to the campus to witness this hallmark program of our Grades 6-8 physical education curriculum and Lower School After School Academy.


Performing Arts Lounge/Lobby - $1,000,000

Located in the newly excavated “M Zero” in the Lower School Building, the Performing Arts Lounge/Lobby will be a gathering space, breakout classroom, and/or small assembly space. This lobby will also house the rock-climbing classroom entrance. Underneath the staircase from the McKinne Lounge will be a cozy space for Hamlin girls to work on small projects in a quiet nook.


The Performing Arts Lounge/Lobby will also house our unique and creative mission-aligned donor wall. This inclusive installation will honor all of the families that made this campus transformation possible, leaving a legacy for future Hamlin students.


MS Music Room (adjacent to Dining room) - $1,000,000

The new middle school music room is increased in size, allowing for more space for Red & Gold chorus and other music curriculum taking place on campus throughout the day. This new space is acoustically built for our singers and will sit at the center of campus. In addition to the larger space, this room will be equipped with natural light from the ceiling skylight engineered to adapt to the space in a very eloquent manner. 


Connecting Stairwell - $1,000,000

The Connecting Stairwell is a vertical representation of the connected campus running from the newly excavated McKinne zero to the second floor of the middle building. This stairwell connects the campus as one, allowing for a welcoming and inclusive space to move between buildings. Hamlin’s former floorplan made navigation very difficult for visitors and individuals needing to use the elevator. The new stairwell and elevator will provide a consolidated and gracious form of navigation while getting a unique view of the climbing wall.

Lower School Music Room - $500,000

Hamlin singers, from their first day of Kindergarten, will thrive in the new Lower School Music Classroom. Acoustically optimized to help Hamlin girls sound their best, the room will also feature flexible seating and moveable risers to accommodate a range of learners – from Lower School girls whose music curriculum revolves around movement and music to Red and Gold Chorus members who rehearse in a more traditional setting.


Middle Building Overlook - $500,000

This highly-trafficked area is positioned at the heart of campus where what was previously known as the Lower School campus and Middle School campus merge. This porch has stunning views of the bay while overlooking the newly renovated outdoor terrace and rooftop ball court. This corridor connects the stairwell to the dining room space and Middle School Music Room.


Faculty Lounge and Workroom - $500,000

Hamlin faculty have been creatively finding spaces to congregate, collaborate, and work outside of their classrooms. When the campus reopens, the Middle Building will feature a centrally-located faculty lounge and work space that will foster teacher collaboration and house several individual desks for quiet work. This space will serve as a much-needed “home base” for Hamlin teachers every day.


Middle School Science Classroom (2 RESERVED) - $500,000

Grades 5-8 will use this space to advance Hamlin’s Science & Engineering curriculum. From Applied Science and Environmental Science to Introduction to Biology and Elements of Engineering, the middle school science classrooms are designed to optimize our future STEM leaders. Directly outside of the Middle School Science classrooms is our newly renovated outdoor science teaching terrace and green gathering space which will be used to bring our science curriculum outdoors and to life. 


Lower School Classrooms (9 available) - $500,000

In the renovated McKinne building, all of Hamlin’s classrooms will be transformed and Lower School Hamlin girls will have space to move, grow, and explore. Currently, Hamlin’s Lower School classrooms are spaces that say “sit down,” while their teachers and the curriculum are telling them to “stand up!” 

Hamlin’s newly-designed classrooms will follow suit and will increase in average size from 590 square feet (currently) to 890 square feet. This larger, more dynamic space will support flexibility in curriculum design and will enhance opportunities for differentiated instruction for a range of learners. The classrooms will allow girls to easily move from individual work time to small group and whole-class activities. Hamlin girls will have every opportunity to thrive in their new space.  

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